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Modeling the World

Numbers are living things. They have substance, meaning, a life cycle. They have speed and direction and dimension. They can inform us, alarm us, encourage us, threaten us, and even inspire us. They are our path to understanding.
Analogica offers a view of the world that respects the numbers and presents them honestly, while looking forward in a way that both confronts reality and creates a fresh perspective, one built upon not just the what and when and where of the world around us, but the how and the why...

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A Texas COVID Dashboard

Texas now has a county-selectable dashboard. This is Harris County, where Houston is located. Based on the 18-day lag, Houston has just...

Rising Deaths Next Week

Forecasting: We are due to see a slight rise in deaths beginning about July 7, if the time lag of cases to deaths of 18 days is correct....

Rising Deaths in Florida

Florida has entered its period of rising deaths, 18 days exactly after the case numbers started shooting up. The gray-colored graph below...

Get Your Toilet Paper Now

The daily deaths numbers include an entry of deaths which were NOT on that day (notice the blue spike on the right side of the graph)....

Recovery Never Occurred

Our period of recovery never occurred. Our period of "flattening" is now officially over. The rate of re-infections, R0, has been above 1...

102 Years Before Fake News

Harvard expert compares 1918 flu, COVID-19 – Harvard Gazette We can often see the future more clearly by carefully scrutinizing and...

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